An attempt to create an easy to use Java layer over the cruft that is Swing.
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b6d81e9d1ea94d… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Change the way jtables are created.
356a23fc898d68… by Vngngdn
Added a method to create a jtable widget for the gui.
41bb278b48bfc9… by Vngngdn
Added a small compile script for javadoc generation.
6711e1f1aa1921… by Vngngdn
Updated the javadoc of window.java, which apparantly contained some errors.
b61e1d9fb813a8… by Vngngdn
Added a filechooser method, prompting the user with an 'open file' dialog.
7b5e417a3da964… by Vngngdn
Added the createlist() method to window.java.
fc463952931308… by Vngngdn
Added the begin of the javadoc for the jlist creator method.
7539cb4c37ba22… by Vngngdn
Window.java: added the createcombobox() method.
58a44db6025ff8… by Vngngdn
333bf578244161… by Vngngdn
44274335ba7708… by Vngngdn
Window.java: added an addcomponent() method, so that a user can add components himself, but also an easy way to add components made by window itself, as it automatically updates the gui.
807d67f05369fd… by Vngngdn
2f8e61037413b0… by Vngngdn
The method handling function has been added, so it's now possible to easily add buttons, with methods, and all those things, without having to bother about manually writing boilerplate code.
9a80574732fe82… by Vngngdn
Added a small readme file, listing features and constraints.
a05e76e3c1e4e4… by Vngngdn
Whew, did a lot of stuff:.
9f3e9a84cfb79f… by Vngngdn
Expanded the button creation functionality, so that it allows to bind a method to be called when calling the method, removing a lot of boilerplate code inherent to swing.
8e620b5003a81c… by Vngngdn
Renamed the main.java file to window.java, which suits its supposed goal better. also, window.java got a constructor method, so other classes can now create new windows as they please.
f17774d8fa1112… by Vngngdn
Added new methods, geared towards presenting dialogs to the user. consult the javadoc for detailed explanation of their behavior and functionality.
eeef80237f004b… by Vngngdn
Added the first tiny functions for the software.