Current status/location: (12:29) Probably chilling a bit. Feel free to talk! ❤


Hello there! I'm Maarten, a happy student from Belgium, and this is my amazing personal website. I like a lot of things, and I share some of those in here. Take a look around, read a bit, talk with me, and most importantly, enjoy your stay!

My personal scribblepad, written from scratch, on which I ramble about everything I like. Highly recommended while eating breakfast.
I actually don't use GitHub to host my code, contrary to a lot of other coders. Instead, I've been trying to create something that's just fit to my taste. I host a couple of archive repositories there, as well as dotfiles, and that jazz. It's a continuing work, so don't flip your desk if the layout is upside down tomorrow =3
About me
Well, if you wish to know more of me, I have a page where I describe myself in a couple more sentences. You know, because I can =)
A special treat for my buddies at Hasselt University: The one and the only Quotebook of Informatics! (Authorization required, Dutch only)

What could this possibly lead to? Some may know, some may not. Don't beat yourself over it, it's some small side project of myself, and could probably take months before it gets released.