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Hello there! I'm Maarten, a happy student from Belgium, and this is my amazing personal website. I like a lot of things, and I share some of those in here. Take a look around, read a bit, talk with me, and most importantly, enjoy your stay!


My personal scribblepad, written from scratch, on which I ramble about everything I like. Highly recommended while eating breakfast.

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Het paradepaardje van mijn website: Een systeem dat mensen toelaat om op hun duizendste gemak de Belgische politiek te raadplegen. Op dit moment in bèta en er zijn nog een hoop geweldige features onderweg, maar ga nu zeker al maar eens een keer kijken!

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I actually don't use GitHub to host my code, contrary to a lot of other coders. Instead, I've been trying to create something that's just fit to my taste. I host a couple of archive repositories there, as well as dotfiles, and that jazz. It's a continuing work, so don't flip your desk if the layout is upside down tomorrow =3

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About me

Well, if you wish to know more of me, I have a page where I describe myself in a couple more sentences. You know, because I can =)

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Wish list

If you're looking to buy a present for me, Jonathan or both of us, click here. (This page is only available in Dutch.)

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Throughout my academic career, I've written a lot, sometimes together with other people. To avoid that these papers get lost to the passing of time, I've decided to publish them on my website, should somebody want to read them.

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Other projects

Projects come and go, and with my website I can present them to you. This cards takes you to the archive of past projects.

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Qzertyuiop network

This website is part of the Qzertyuiop network, connecting my closest friends over the internet. From this card, you can go to their websites as well!

drs. Jeroen Ceyssens Jorrit Gerets
drs. Joris Herbots
drs. Mannu Lambrichts

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If you wish to contact me, use this convenient form, the most direct link to yours truly. Leave me a thank you note, tell me something important, or correct a typo I made, it's all good, I love to hear from you!

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