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cb2f4e603f7769… by Maarten Vangeneugden
First motions towards quitting use of spacemacs.
77f20f96e56de6… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Update .zlogin and shutdown.sh for new rsync target.
188b6d2265eac0… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Update my i3 config with a fresh new look.
6a82753d293766… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Add support for clojure-mode ligatures.
00e360cca8b11b… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update workspaces to current semester.
3726044bfe7cec… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Edit standard editor setting for sessions.
b47663138a42d1… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Remove transparent inactive windows.
abe1c8cc58a638… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update config files and add tor installer.
c0c7e4a168b7ae… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add comment for future haskell-mode prettyfying.
1c6c2a2fc210ca… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update .spacemacs for web-mode.
2c3d3234b45a27… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update rifle config and add symlink creation for ranger.
2a0c4d5bbaee23… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update spacemacs configuration.
60b84db26ad928… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update settings for gnu emacs.
5fcca747c848b3… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Switch date representation in polybar.
80bd037efce611… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update letterspacing bug in terminal.
14e2ec130ccc03… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Fix symlinking bug.
205c90802eaea6… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Add new symlink for auto creation.
47fa8adc129bf7… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Add script to automate symlinking.
1c4682ae62792c… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Fix bug in i3 workspaces.
c5bda728247d9e… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Change default urxvt font.
2d3b0bc07686bc… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Change .xresources to .xdefaults.
a59070f7468ac0… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of upstream server.
4a2304cf6e55ec… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update i3 config for current semester.
fd44738bff41f2… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of upstream server.
d2cf11c09b6c88… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Fix transfer bug with rsync.
3cfe1f19aa004b… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Small test edit.
277db3dfb554c9… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add command to output current git directory.
a1dc44ed14c757… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Change .zlogin and add new install script.
0d6c62fcf5bfc1… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add org-mode settings to spacemacs.
46359fdbe32197… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Improve the way gnu emacs is started during boot.
e3fcee38a97aac… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Various changes that i can't recall anymore.
328d96a770c26c… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add .spacemacs to tracker and update configs.
20e64681163232… by Vngngdn
Merge branch 'master' of /srv/git/rc.
5d1696bd455ced… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Server restored, remove -4 flags.
3f432a2a09298f… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Fix bug with launching i3lock-wrapper.
535b9cefa34cee… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add compton and i3lock-wrapper to install.sh.
c69d60bfdc42c9… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add inactive window transparency to compton.
80e5dc79ed8aed… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Various changes to rc files.
45eb50f71e3e2b… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Change workspaces for vacation period.
5a8c453bee6347… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
See previous commit.
efdc5e3f14965b… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Change shutdown script to only use ipv4.
59cf06259ee7c7… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Change feh wallpaper system to a randomizer.
baf10e7c4da131… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add mpv and related software to install script.
c70056b2ce95f1… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add sleep timer to shutdown script to display furry pun.
852a241eb3c7d5… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Specify end greeting a bit better.
08bf632cf57d15… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Fix errors with dropoff points, and add greeting echos.
37b5a2a047b4c4… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Fix backup source/destination directories.
6262999b3f2718… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add a shutdown script and backup system using rsync.
8863f956d9f6ab… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add rsync as package for install.sh.
1d21dee448491c… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Make neovim more a part of my system with configuration.
db76fe0e22fd16… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add colors and various new settings to i3 config.
4411f6fa57d4f5… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add .xresources and font installations.
49068b9000ef12… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Remove termite from terminal of choice.
3531a270d1df31… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Change i3 workspaces and switch back to firefox for installing.
5717b7fef5d1ee… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add cron installer line to install.sh.
7652fdf9e55c9e… by Vngngdn
Add y noremap to .vimrc.
c3b628d22708f3… by Vngngdn
Change 'tmux' to 'environment integration'.
8fc8d1f52b67f4… by Vngngdn
Add a bunch of useful extra options to .vimrc.
42ff76021878fd… by Vngngdn
Add 'syntax enable' to .vimrc.
d7f2f58f40c58e… by Vngngdn
Add 'set nocompatible' to .vimrc.
28aede38cdc0b8… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
I3/config: added names for moving windows to workspaces, because i keep losing them if i don't do that.
52467b6d8f8a12… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Changed i3/config and install.sh to completely take advantage of i3blocks.
52b3d5b2910100… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Install.sh: replaced installing yabar and compton in favor of i3blocks, which is better imo.
47b10182466eba… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Install.sh: added urlview as the optional dependency for neomutt.
e981f7d384456f… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Install.sh: added neomutt as the least sucky mail client.
751c88e431c3ba… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
I3/config: added the floating_modifier, and increased sound changes from +/-1 to +/-5.
8222346b043856… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Added a command to the login script that starts x11 automatically.
184356b236d9f7… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Renamed login.sh to better reflect its meaning, and changed aliases in .zshrc to use pacaur.
a915ba82753d77… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Merge upstream with downstream.
35f118dfc7a909… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Reverted yabar changes (i might even delete yabar and go for i3blocks already). added shell installation line to install.sh.
4f88ae85b8918b… by Vngngdn
Removed javacomplete2.vim from .vimrc. it only works properly on the java stl, blocks my own class completions (which ycm does very well) and inserts annoying opening brackets. fuck java, really.
457c85b53ffb7a… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Changed the workspace updater in yabar.conf, because it can't detect on which workspace it currently is.
2c7f0ffb1547ba… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
I added a lot of things. a summary:.
3683e27ab59c25… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Well, apparantly, termite shows this awful window bar in sway, and its developer is reluctant to include a patch for that at time of writing (https://github.com/thestinger/termite/pull/276). so i'm dropping termite in favor of st.
1bf162fd0451d0… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
I currently use termite as my terminal, so i added a tiny config file for it.
1249423c9c0f13… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Added a new line to .zshrc to permanently add the data. added code to sway that allows my fn keys to work properly.
67bd48acdd2dc4… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Added a small script that allows for my ssh keys to work throughout my session.
7bee5fafb1dc2f… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Added the verbatim copy from /etc/sway as sway config file.
6e50dc42947cb5… by Vngngdn
Added a line to install clojure and leiningen automatically.
1f7f0ae556838e… by Vngngdn
.vimrc: fixed syntax error.
9391ca99b0fcc6… by Vngngdn
Added extra settings to configure gitgutter more to my preferences.
00e078818830c6… by Vngngdn
Replaced fugitive with gitgutter.
1be49cadf6c061… by Vngngdn
Replaced syntastic in favor of neomake. believe it or not, it's already paying off.
01337258730fe6… by Vngngdn
After the devastation that was the deoplete branch, i went back for the master. i reworked some things, but most notably, added the vim-javacomplete2 completer to the plugins.
354fff5348ce28… by Vngngdn
Added an eclim option to allow for better autocompletion in ycm for vim.
7f269940fc58d9… by Vngngdn
.vimrc: added the noshowmode setting, because it's redundant thanks to airline.
4c7c4eb04f7a2e… by Vngngdn
.vimrc: reset the scrolloff value to 5 (10 is a bit too much currently), and removed the set laststatus=2 option, because in neovim, it's default now.
dbccf6bd830ccd… by Vngngdn
.vimrc: removed a link to a place where i copied a macro from. it's in the tracker anyway. also, when starting vim now, the currently selected line will still have absolute line numbering. of course, ctrl+n was updated accordingly.
9d1f0f22cc542c… by Vngngdn
Took a nice trick from https://blog.petrzemek.net/2016/04/06/things-about-vim-i-wish-i-knew-earlier/ that makes the j/k mapping act normally when repeating commands. also: unmapped the arrow keys. this does imply my mouse scroll won't work either, but using your mouse with vim is an antipattern on its own.
7b1e834c28982c… by Vngngdn
Set scrolloff value in .vimrc to 9999, to freeze my line in the middle.
3d69969f01a2a0… by Vngngdn
.zshrc: added .pdf files to the ignore list, since i call pdfs from firefox anyway, and they're practically useless in a terminal.
d4f25c8a798e5a… by Vngngdn
.zshrc: added a new file to ignore: cargo.lock files.
3c9b8e1dd65f86… by Vngngdn
Added a configuration flag for ycm to .vimrc to enable semantic rust completion.
eeca60f7edfb4d… by Vngngdn
Added two new aliases to .zshrc, a simple install and delete alias.
262eb21841b394… by Vngngdn
Removed vim-hardtime from my list of plugins. it's nice and all, but it fucks up every damn macro that uses hjkl. i'll just disable the arrow keys myself, and try myself not to repeat like a fool.
a62fb48187cc70… by Vngngdn
.vimrc: fixed a tiny bug in the numbertoggle() where the previous state wasn't disabled, which caused relative and absolute numbering to happen simultaneously.
e1654b954f28c9… by Vngngdn
Added a scrolloff of 5, so i always have a part of the code on my screen if i'm nearing the end/begin. in addition, i added a nifty function that allows to toggle between relative and absolute numbering. (both changes made to .vimrc).
82cf8f98b764c8… by Vngngdn
Added a ycm configuration file.
bfce49c5c279d2… by Vngngdn
Added a line to install.sh that pulls in youcompleteme.
638bf501b8e284… by Vngngdn
So, what i did to the .vimrc:.
8f22227036fc09… by Vngngdn
Removed thefuck interface. i don't use it anymore, mainly because it messes with my history, and i can read my own mistakes.
93d2d48e9439b3… by Vngngdn
Apparantly i already had a (partially preconfigured) .zshrc file. i merged them together and made a symlink to where the previous one was stored.
936fa5830f504f… by Vngngdn
Added a tiny .zshrc file because the .class autocompletion is really starting to annoy me like hell.
c9604cc4644ee4… by Vngngdn
Changed 'set number' to 'set relativenumber'.
93b744b8b54032… by Vngngdn
Added a script which will in the future, easily manage my music database. also updated the install script with the necessary dependencies for it.
da555703347064… by Vngngdn
Improved the installer a lot with pacaur, removed a redundant line, and aliases.
a3317746364241… by Vngngdn
Added a rust syntax loader to the .vimrc.
39caf4b9b0993f… by Vngngdn
Added rust syntax loader to vundle in .vimrc.
1fcccd2009948a… by Vngngdn
- removed a bunch of date code which is now obsolete with the git tracker.
4d59f602f76f0f… by Vngngdn
Added a section to the readme explaining the naming convention, and removed the diary cruft from the .vimrc file.
fd89267ad2ce01… by Vngngdn
And here we go! added the readme file, and the vim dotfile. there's still a lot of junk in .vimrc, but i'll remove it in the next commit, because it's some text i like to put in the history :).