Search engine

Demobel includes a powerful search system for everything in its database. Enter the keywords you want to search for, and the database will return the best matches.

Also, don't forget that all modern browsers today are equipped with page search capabilities. On normal computers you can activate this using Ctrl+F. On mobile phones, this option is available in the browser menu.

How does the search engine work?

The search engine works by iterating through all the database records, and removing each record that does not include the words you submitted in the prompt. You can provide as much words as you want. To keep the results digestable, only the best 100 matches are returned.

For example, if you submit "Wednesday", you will receive the paragraphs where the word "Wednesday" occurs. It will also return paragraphs that include the word "Wednesdays".
If you submit "table sleep", it will return all paragraphs that include both words. All these sentences would match:

As you might've guessed, if all given words occur anywhere, it is seen as a match. If you submit "a e i", it will match all paragraphs where those three letters occur, no matter in what order. Use this information to make your search query as accurate as possible, and you will receive the best results in a matter of seconds.

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