Software stubs I've written for the course of Object Oriented Programming 2.
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631637c5cbe332… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add the source code from the last challenge.
cd8fef3ba559bf… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
I'm pretty much done now.
5c90f8e84f1a4f… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Almost there. finished a lot of the challenge, plus the extras from the new challenge.
6be1f9e57b06e8… by Vngngdn
Added some extra stuff. gonna take a day off after all this shit.
f5432883ce7c30… by Vngngdn
I did a lot of stuff. wow. run diffs if you're curious.
3c3f7b0921297d… by Vngngdn
Major refactor of code + add info about design choices.
f68e848416b190… by Vngngdn
Add new design choice regarding the use of strings instead of enums.
70c4f4fde97168… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Refactor of reservation related classes, mainly gui.
212ab469ae6def… by Vngngdn
Further refactor of reservation system in challenge 6.
607ccd02260ec7… by Vngngdn
Change to reservation class in order to make it work properly.
55a08080f586d3… by Vngngdn
Added more to the addreservation method.
e71d5ec3ad9dcf… by Vngngdn
A lot of general refactoring on challenge 6. also added a new design choices document, which will be constructed as i go.
e58905458bfca9… by Vngngdn
Added javadoc to all classes, per the requirement in the challenge (most importantly, @author).
7345d9a840ba28… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Initiated reworking the reservation class of challenge 6. currently, only the default constructor is properly made, so work will continue later.
7592b73b42ce85… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Improved the bed class of challenge 6 substiantially; it's completely decoupled from the rest of the program, filled with documentation, ... in a nutshell: you won't find any better oop application that this.
cad9fd0c2e21c3… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Moved the files from the last challenge to a directory with a more suitable name.
2c2a7656173d66… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Added docs.
e680d277849474… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Whew, added a lot today.
d72af86215ff4c… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Added the first files for the challenge of 2016-2017.
fb0e73da027f76… by Vngngdn
Added a fifth challenge, which is basically a rewrite of challenge 1, 2, and 3. will be completed when the tumors from java have been removed.
8cae9e7880bf43… by Vngngdn
Applied small changes to the first challenge.
b3673cbdc53cb5… by Vngngdn
I've been experimenting to see if my jsugar is responsible for the crashing of challenge 4. turns out it's not, and in fact, is a result from java's verbosity and forced usage of objects.
baa12ac6f76028… by Vngngdn
Apparantly, i forgot to add the fourth try to the tracker back then. doing that now.
41d81bf83b3b30… by Vngngdn
Added new files, worked on existing files.
2ab812b4443d46… by Vngngdn
Added the files for c3.
634daebfee5932… by Vngngdn
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://maartenv.be/srv/git/oop2.
999d2840ac1098… by Vngngdn
Added some practical examples for the challenge.
eae4a9bb2239f9… by Vngngdn
Added the first file of the 3rd challenge, as i failed the first period. fml, but life is that way. gonna make this a simple yet powerful framework for mvc programs.
3ddd36acdab81a… by Vngngdn
Added a .gitignore file to ignore .class bytecode shit.
eb353f11d8aaee… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Removed 'mvc template' because it was a bunch of redundant code. moved 'new mvc' to 'mvc' for simplicity. added challenge 2 to the git tracker. challenge 2 is basically challenge 1 all over again, horrible.
4a4a80b00250b8… by Maarten Vngngdn
Worked on a basic mvc framework thingy.
32118fc57410de… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Started on stockmanagement2, got bored. then i created a folder mvc template, which will store an mvc protocol for challenges.
d9e1e905f979f0… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Added the feedback of the first challenge.
9691c2b091f914… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
a7a3663bc093a6… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Added opdracht01.java of day 8.
8ee0e9d7bb2106… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Added guigenerator for introspection and a feedback file of the first challenge.
480a1a63f145ed… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Began on working on the second assignment. i got bored and wanted to go work on the xml parser.
5d5c7f9a70db68… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Finished methodprinter class. output is as described in the assignment.
5fab871ac7a91a… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Adding the remaining files to git for tracking.
9ff17e25922239… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Added reflection class, which is not finished at all.
ec784ef46729d6… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Adding day 1 and day 3 of oop2 to the project. because of a typo, the server was rebooted, so other days will be added later.