What you get when Django and Git come together to mimick GitHub.
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757ce47c23372f… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update french and dutch translations.
742db3070269a0… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Add translation files.
05366585735e7c… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of remote origin.
140301439f9da0… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Prepare gitar for internationalization.
02689476002b29… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Resolve merge conflict.
1b0920e3304815… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Tiny change to file.html.
ecb197b6acbe07… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Remove loading of fira code for monospace font.
efdf0b5d600f3b… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Resolve merge conflict.
b99f48c558729e… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Improve link highlighting in file.html.
f5b36efde95890… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Fix bug in file template.
c2760fda04db56… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of remote origin.
b16384a2bb46af… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Small changes to directory code.
84209d2e48ae8d… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Update file view code.
b7e7f21b2262d6… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of remote origin.
83bf61fc462173… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Fix tiny bug in views.
1ef9615a2e0f3d… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Fix more bugs and update template layout.
64b8975756772a… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Merge branch 'master' of remote origin.
b46927ab9090a3… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Add fileinfo module.
7d9d24f3adedfa… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Fix bugs with latest update.
0b0c8ac62f4d6f… by Maarten 'Vngngdn' Vangeneugden
Major additions to repo displaying.
ac8c428e67d325… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Add template files to repository.
d534dd31bbc464… by Maarten Vangeneugden
Unknown changes.
0d2a21c9e999ed… by Vngngdn
And we're almost ready in the backend:.
e0aa7f60599b0d… by Vngngdn
Found a way to read a file's contents, and (even better) turn the content in a list of unicode strings. also, added the new file, which will be the module for the pygments interaction, which should go like a breeze, considering what i currently have.
7e5bcc2ab73c5a… by Vngngdn
Fixed an old bug; repositoryname should be repository_name to comply with pep8.
3bbb4c6211f3de… by Vngngdn
Removed postgresql as a class c dependency, and removed its entry in the readme. gitar will not feature postgres-exclusive features in the foreseeable future.
1df9a48f7cdf7c… by Vngngdn
Added a 'features' subsection to the readme. already included some features that gitar will offer, including 'no javascript required'. yes, it's 2016, and sadly, that's a feature nowadays.
289e3c93312b17… by Vngngdn
Added pygments as a class c dependency, and finished the directory view function in
165943b00b2d6f… by Vngngdn
Moded to a new submodule directory. i may recall this if this isn't necessary anymore in the future. reworked a section of the code, along with, to reach a way to traverse through the repo's contents.
49913600fa2dd9… by Vngngdn
Removed some old information from the previous version (that version had to be deleted, because it (accidentally) contained sensitive information). more deletions in the same sense may follow.
e15cfdf9ce6109… by Vngngdn
Start of the gitar project! i already worked on a series of files, which i add directly. also included is a license file. template files haven't been added yet, because they aren't relevant right now. they may be added in the future.